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Since its date of birth FNBB is co-working with the WADA Agency (NADO of Flanders/ Belgium). Until now we executed more than 30 doping controls, either after the competition or as a surprise control throughout the year. Actually FNBB's Mission to establish Fitness & Bodybuilding as a "True Sport" can’t disregard from a strict collaboration with the Official Anti doping Agency, in fact this is a crucial aspect of our Federation. All FNBB Athletes in order to participate at our competitions need to sign a contract where they make theirselves available the whole year (365 days since the day of the Championship) for a doping test. Getting a positive result will disqualify the athletes from the Championship and will put zhem under the investigation and sanction of the WADA. All doping results will always be published on all FNBB and WADA Channels. Please take a look at our Membership Contract to know more and visit the Official WADA/NADO page to stay updated.

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