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The Unique Artwork of our Photographers

FNBB has been working  since its first year with the Vision of the human form and the human body intended as a "Living Sculpture" just always been ‘prophesied’ from Master Photographer & Artist Norbert Torriente. 

His work has encountered our federation's classic vision of the sport and together with three other Master Photographers, Yam Lang Lee, Rene Leenders and Roger Wijsen, the FNBB Media Team is offering a very special artwork for all the people to be enjoyed and to get inspired not only today but for the rest of the times.

Hereby we take our pride to offer you a slide gallery of some of our best photographic materials.


[ If you are interested to purchase HQ Official files please contact us here. ]


Norberto Torriente

Master Photographer

A pioneer surely one of the persons who has set the Fundaments of the Federation.


Roger Wijsen

Master Photographer

In Teamwork together with Rene, Roger uses his great skills to bring out the beauty of an athlete at 100%.


Yam-Lang Lee

Media TL & Video Maker

Since day 1 supporting FNBB with his professionalism in the organisation of the Media Team and responsible for all our video contents.


Rene Leenders

Master Photographer

Rene, always working close together with Roger, makes sure, that every athlete feels comfortables on the set and knows how to guide him/her through a shoot.

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