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The Federation of Natural Bodybuilding ''FNBB'' is established on the 20th of March 2015 to promote the discipline of Fitness & Bodybuilding intended as a healthy and empowering activity for all people and as a 'True Sport' that follows the WADA Rules.

In agreement with this statement we have set an official co-operation with the WADA Agency in Belgium and in Italy in order to set Fitness and Bodybuilding at the level of all the other recognized Olympic sports. 

FNBB Benelux stood immediately out by setting new rules in the judging criteria for the competing athletes valorising a classic development of the human figure in all of its categories and defining its mission through a well developed and balanced physique. Aesthetic/Classic muscular natural physiques are the result being displayed since 2015.

All FNBB competing athletes need to sign a mandatory form where they agree with the Anti Doping Policy and Rules.

FNBB has its home based in Benelux (Belgium/Netherlands) and since January 2019 in Italy as well since Italy became an official affiliate of the Federation. 

FNBB doesn't belong to any other international fitness circuit for this reason Belgium/The Netherlands/Italy are the only countries where Competitions are held. (Although it's possible for any world citizen to take part at it by subscribing as a member)


FNBB Moral

A Lifestyle Choice before the performance.

Be Real. Play Fair.

Besides the principle of "True Sport" that leads the agonistic activity of the Federation, FNBB embraces and supports a lifestyle based on habits that aim to strengthen the general health of each individual: regular physical exercise, healthy eating and all the activities that bring a level of wellness to each person.

The natural consequence of these choices could then impossibly be something which would poison the body as performance drugs.

This important pillar has determined also Our Motto since the very begin, that is “Be Real, Play Fair”, intended as a more extensive meaning of respect and being true to yourself.


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