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Interview with Italian overall winner Francesca barbato

Get to know our Italian Bikini Overall Champion Francesca Barbato and her plans for the International Championship - the 6th Benelux Cup - in Riemst, Belgium.

Good afternoon Francesca, in less than 2 days you will compete at the 6th Benelux Cup. This will be your first international event and you will come in strong of your excellent performance in Molfetta #IK3E where you conquered the Overall Title. How will you present yourself on stage and what are your expectations?

Just like for my debut in Molfetta I’m working to bring my best shape possible. Together with the Team Passion Iron, we worked to present what our idea of a Bikini Champion Physique should be. My expectations are to enjoy the competition and this experience not only from a sportive point of view but also in terms of self-growth.

Francesca, outside the gym: Can you tell us more about you and your hobbies besides fitness?

I’m a simple girl who is investing all herself to make a statement in the Fitness World: As athlete first and as Trainer then.

Last years I worked a lot on myself to improve and to make possible that my passion became my job.

How does a Champion like you manage the preparation: Diet, training, posing?

Well the managing of the preparation is for sure the most fascinating aspect to me but at the same time also the part that requires the most commitment. I have learned that if you face it with the right spirit, motivation and passion and with the right persons around you, it will be a sensational journey. Personally I won’t hide there are critical moments where the tiredness took over, but I made it through with tenacity and determination letting the passion be my guide.

We can’t avoid in these ‘strange times’ we are living in to ask you what is your opinion about what’s going on in the world with Covid-19.

The times we are living in unfortunately set us in front of many restrictions which don’t need to be seen as personal restrictions I think. I know some brave people whom although these hard times were able to set goals and to pursue them. For example the Team Passion Iron that supports me, represents me and that feed my passion. I definitely won’t be where I am now without them.

What do you like more about being a competitor, what do you like less ?

Nice Question. What I find more fascinating is the self-knowledge. Through the competition preparation the deepest side of oneself shows up. Honestly this is a double edged weapon. Not only positives vibes show up, you also have hard times, so you need to be ready to accept it and to work on them.

What will your next trip be and with whom?

Mostly I travel for education but I hope soon I will be able to do it to celebrate the victories of this year.

Before wishing you the best of luck for Saturday the last question, where will you see yourself in 5 years?

I vividly hope to see an established me as champion and as a trainer being surrounded by a Team like the one that surrounds me now :)

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